About Us


Read a little bit about who makes up the Froolu Team and Where it all started. 
Froolu started at The Mission Viejo Mall in California as a small little cart back in November of 2011. Soon realizing that online shopping was a very fast growing industry, Froolu was shifted to be an Online Shop only. Froolu's first Team Member was a lone wolf up until the year 2019. Like many small business's, it took Froolu some time to really start to grow into something bigger. But like many business owners know, once Froolu started to grow the ball really started rolling faster and faster and became unstoppable. Now here we are today with a full on team of hard working inspiring women. Let me introduce them to you. 
Jessica (The Lone Wolf)
Jessica was Froolu's only employee for a solid 8 years. From Designing to Engraving to Packing to package Delivery to Customer Service, Jessica did it all. She did it all up until she could no longer do it alone. Then along came her sister Annie. 
Annie (The Sister & First Companion)
Annie started working at Froolu in 2019 and has been here for a rewarding 3 years. Working close with her sister has always made work feel like home and made it fun. Not long after Annie came Ashley. 
Ashley ("Just looking for a summer job")
Ashley was only looking for a "summer job" when she first came to us during the first wave of Covid-19. We offered her the position but the Alvarez sisters new that Ashley would love Froolu's fun & healthy environment so much that she wouldn't want to leave. Sure enough, when the summer was over, Ashley didn't want to leave anymore. In fact, she loved Froolu so much that she convinced us to hire her sister when the time came for a new set of hands... and so just like that Cathy came along.
Cathy (The other sister)
Cathy was in need of a job during the Covid-19 lockdowns due to her hours being cut by less than half. It was a blessing that Froolu was striving during these hard times unlike so many less fortunate small business's. Cathy being Ashley's sister felt just at home here at Froolu.  
Melissa (Gentle Meli)
Melissa is by far our sweetest and kindest employee here at Froolu. Which is why she is our Customer Service Representative. She goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. Melissa is Jessica & Annie's cousin, so you can imagine how fun the office is with Two sets of sisters and a Cousin.
Froolu truly is a family and we work hard every day in hopes that the reward will be worth the daily struggle.