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Mom's Kitchen Etched Grooved Cutting Board (3799)

$ 50.00

Don’t forget, this is Mom’s kitchen! This is an absolutely perfect gift for Mom, and she’ll think about you every time it’s time to whip up a meal. This cutting board isn’t just useful, it’s cute!


  • Our cutting board includes a ‚ÄúMom‚Äôs Kitchen‚Äù etching, making it ideal for Mother‚Äôs Day and birthdays!
  • All cutting boards are durable, and the surfaces can be protected with mineral oil.
  • Cutting boards can be used for any type of food prep.

With Froolu, it’s easy to get a custom engraving for your cutting board gift! Be sure to select the cutting board size and wood that you prefer — we’ll do the rest!


  • Available in 9‚Äù x 12‚Äù or 10.5‚Äù x 16‚Äù sizes.
  • Available in cherry, maple, or walnut wood.
  • Includes engraving.
  • Reverse side is blank.
  • Natural grain and coloring varies.
  • Hand wash with dish soap and warm water.